Anyway. Is there anyone from Singapore/Indonesia? I actually bought 3 Last Romeo album because I want the photocard and poster. I am planning to give away the album (without photocard and poster, sorry) to anyone who is interested. But idk when my albums will come so… I will make another post later.

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Hi people. I have decided to go on hiatus from tumblr and Sunggyu. Thank you for spazzing with me and thank you for tumblr for being nice to me for this past 1 year.

I am sorry I ever said anything wrong or if I by any chance hurt you. It’s nice to know you all and you guys have been such awesome friends for me :) I may be back but idk… for now I just want to let myself go from this ovewhelming feeling. Once again thank you for everything!

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A good bye

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u know ur fucked whenever he looks cute eating

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